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Poeme en anglais d'un élève de terminale

Lycée catholique de Pontlevoy


Red pullovers over colored ties,

That is what comes first to the eyes.

Being in the half middle of nowhere

And smelling the countryside’s fresh air,

That’s because we live in the Loir-et-Cher.


And today, we have a new building

Which is actually quite old and crumbling

But also is the heart of Pontlevoy’s education:

An ancient, noble and holy mission,

Given a millennium ago to this proud little town.


But the most important is not appearances;

No, the most beautiful thing in LCP is:

In all those different marvelous places,

The seventy, Sambin, British and the Abbey,

Each single person seems and is happy.


Hélie de Cacqueray, Terminale L

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